Southern Farm Days

Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina

Lake Waccamaw, NC

General Information and Guidelines


Anyone wishing to sell items at the show will need to apply. Vendor's fee are applicable and must be submitted with application. If you are interested in being a vendor, contact a show director for information. 


 Craft Vendor Director                     Angelique Hewett               (910) 617-3875

 Food Vendor Director                    Marye Hewett                    (910) 264-4879 

 Swap Meet Vendor Director           Tracy Hewett                      (910) 619-3603


Use of Motorized Transportation Vehicles: 

  • The use of golf carts, ATV’s and RTV’s are not permitted during show hours, but can be used from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. and after 5:30 p.m.  Maximum speed limit is 5 MPH.

  • Individuals who are handicapped and require the use of a golf cart or other motorized vehicle will be permitted to use them, provided they register for a HANDICAP USE PERMIT (available at the registration gate) and attach the permit to the vehicle windshield.

  • Staff members will use motorized vehicles and will be identified with a STAFF placard.



  •  Parking spaces in the show area are laid out to prevent blockage.

  •  All large hauling units will be parked in the south-west field.

  •  Exhibits will be laid out so as not to block views by the spectators.

  •  Only 1 vehicle is allowed at each campsite.  Additional vehicles must be parked in the general parking lot.

  •  Shuttle service is provided.


General Information:

  • Individuals or groups that stay on the grounds overnight will be assigned a campsite and will be charged a fee based on services needed.

  • Children are not allowed to drive motorized vehicles or horses without adult supervision.

  • Persons under 16 years of age must have adult supervision to participate in show activities.

  • Children cannot ride motorized bikes or scooters on the grounds during show hours.

  • Quiet time is from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 am.

  • Exhibitors will not be permitted to sell caps, t-shirts, food or beverages.

  • Advertising for business or political interests will not be allowed.

  • Two (2) passes will be given for each exhibit, without charge.  Additional passengers must secure a ticket at the gate.

  • Open campfires are permitted. You must provide your own firewood, fire ring or containment device. Woodstoves and grills are also permitted.

  • Dogs or pets are not allowed on the grounds during show hours.  If you have a house pet, exercise must be done after
    5:30 p.m.  It must be kept on a leash and you must 
    clean up after them.

  • All trailers not necessary for the exhibits will be parked in the trailer parking area.

  • EMS and Police services are located at the North end of the complex.

  • Good judgment and courtesy are our best safety tools.


Vendor/Exhibitor Rules & Guidelines


This is a 3 day show and we strongly encourage vendors and exhibitors to participate all 3 days of the show.  The Public purchases a gate admission fee and we would like for them to see your display and equipment and have an opportunity to learn from you as well as benefit from all aspects of our show.  Please plan to stay all 3 days and make our show a success for spectators, fellow exhibitors and our charity.


Tractor displays:

  • Should be at least 35 years old

  • Should be operable and should represent working farm condition

  • Brakes must be operable if tractor participates in parade of power or other activities

  • Must be attended by an adult while running

  • Belted equipment must be barricaded or guarded to keep spectators away from moving equipment and approved by show staff prior to operation

  • All exhibits will be inspected by show staff

  • Flammable fuels must be stored in NFPA approved containers

  • It is the responsibility of the owner to insure their tractors are operated safely and properly

  • All owners must be knowledgeable in the safe operation of their equipment

  • Hand tools will not be accepted as a display without prior arrangement from staff


Engine displays:

  • All equipment must be attended while running or in operation

  • All engines in an exhibit must be registered under one name

  • All exhibits will be inspected by show staff

  • Engines mounted to trailers will be grouped with other similar engines

  • Enclosed trailer exhibits will be grouped together

  • Working engines/equipment  displays are encouraged

  • Only one vehicle will be allowed at each display

  • Flammable fuels must be stored in NFPA approved containers

  • It is the responsibility of the owner to insure their engines are operated safely and properly

  • All owners must be knowledgeable in the safe operation of their equipment

  • If you are bringing engines for the sole purpose of selling, you will need a vendor permit



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Craft Vendor Application

Exhibitor Pre-Registration

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